Spruce Up Your Yard With Beautiful Trees

Turn to a tree pruning company in Independence, Hiawatha & Cedar Falls, IA

If you want to boost your curb appeal, maintaining your trees should be a top priority. Fowlkes Tree And Stump Removal will make sure your trees look their best with our tree pruning services, available in Independence, Hiawatha, Cedar Falls, IA and the surrounding area.

Trust us to shape your tree by cutting broken, dying and overgrown branches. We'll even clean up the debris when we're done, so your yard looks immaculate. Schedule an appointment for our tree maintenance services today.

While tree trimming and pruning can help improve the aesthetics of your property, it can also ensure the tree's structural integrity, which in turn promotes the tree's health. Since the tree's health plays a major role in minimizing the potential hazards a tree can pose as it matures (especially a tree in close proximity to structures), regular trimming is a cost-effective way to safeguard your family's safety and that of your property.

3 benefits of tree pruning services

Tree pruning services do more than improve your curb appeal. They also:

  1. Prevent the spread of disease
  2. Increase flower and fruit production
  3. Remove dangerous branches that are at risk of falling

Ready to enjoy all of the above benefits? Get a free estimate for our tree maintenance services right away. 319-327-1199