Say Goodbye to an Ugly Stump

Schedule a stump grinding service in Independence, Hiawatha & Cedar Falls, IA

Most tree removal services don't include removing the stump. Unfortunately, that leaves you with a blemish in your yard. Fowlkes Tree And Stump Removal can help with our residential and commercial stump grinding service, available in Independence, Hiawatha, IA and the surrounding area.

We'll safely grind the stump down in a way that allows grass to grow in its place, so you can enjoy a full, unbroken lawn. We'll even remove any debris the removal process creates. Talk to our tree stump grinding expert today to learn more.

When a tree is removed, we can cut it as low as possible to the ground or we grind out the stump below ground level. We bring in an extra piece of equipment (Stump Grinder) to grind out the stump. This allows you to plant something else in place or eliminate the stump altogether. This is an additional cost and can be discussed at the time of your estimate.

Why should you remove a leftover stump?

You may be wondering if you really need to schedule a tree stump grinding appointment. Well, a leftover stump can:

  • Making mowing harder
  • Act as a tripping hazard
  • Invite unwanted pests to your yard

Let our team take care of your leftover stump. Get a free estimate for our stump grinding service now. 319-327-1199